Are you ready for the November 4th election?

UPDATED - October 9, 2014
Vote by Mail ballots are headed to your mailbox and California Choices is updated just in time with important information about statewide ballot measures. Our Ballot Measures section contains detailed infomation about every proposition on the ballot, including pro and con statements, links to supporters and opposers, in depth information about ballot measure, the latest poll results, links to important voter resources, and multimedia including commercials and radio clips.

Our popular Endorsements Table displays endorsements made by more than 30 groups so you can easily view recommendations by organizations you trust.

While you are here, enter how you plan to vote in our Save Your Vote tool, which will send you an email with your votes and also allow you to log in and see your votes from anywhere, including at your polling place! 

Not registered to vote? Click here to register online by October 20th.  


California Choices, a collaborative effort by Next 10 and IGS at UC Berkeley, has been designed to equip Californians with a better understanding of why our state has deep problems and what options we have to make it work again for a better future.

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