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Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction

Proposition 32 prohibits unions, corporations, and government contractors from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. It prohibits union and corporate contributions to candidates and their committees, and government contractor contributions to elected officers or their committees.

Official Election Results:

Yes: 5,400,218 [43.4%]
No: 7,043,917 [56.6%]

Pro / Con


Proponents of Prop. 32 believe that unions and corporate donors are special interests and should not be permitted to donate to political campaigns. They say that Prop. 32 will bar them from contributing with no exception. They also claim that the measure will bar contractors from contributing to politicians who approve their contracts.


Stop Special Interest Money Now [Website archived in Internet Archive]


Opponents of Prop. 32 claim that it will unfairly bar contributions by unions since it allows business Super PACs and independent expenditure committees to still contribute. They believe that the measure is largely supported by big businesses who will not be subject to its restrictions.


No on Proposition 32 [Website archived in Internet Archive]



Field Poll Release #2432, November 2, 2012
“Prop. 32 (payroll deductions for political contributions) opposed by a wide margin.”

USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences/Los Angeles Times Frequency Questionnaire, October 15-21, 2012

“If the election were held today, would you vote yes to support or no to oppose Proposition 32?”

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and their Government, October, 2012 

"When read the ballot title and label for Proposition 32, 39 percent say they would vote yes, 53 percent would vote no, and 7 percent are undecided."

Reason-Rupe Public Opinion Survey, October 11th-15th, 2012 (pg. 3)
"Proposition 32 is called the “Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction, Contributions to Candidates Initiative” and it prohibits unions, corporations, and government contractors from donating to political candidates and from deducting money from workers’ paychecks to use for political purposes. If the election were today, would you vote yes or no on Prop. 32?"

USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences/Los Angeles Times Frequency Questionnaire, September 17-23, 2012
“If the election were held today, would you vote yes to support or no to oppose Proposition 32?”

Field Poll Release #2426, September 21, 2012
“No side leads 44% to 38% on Prop. 32.”

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and their Government, September, 2012 

"When read the Proposition 32 ballot title and label, 42 percent of likely voters say they would vote yes, 49 percent would vote no, and 9 percent are undecided. 



Hands Shaking (

Proposition 32 would alter California's campaign finance and disclosure laws by restricting state and local campaign spending by corporations, government contractors, or unions. Money deducted from an employee's paycheck would be barred from use for political purposes such as political contributions. Unions would still be permitted to use payroll deductions to pay for other union activities such as collective bargaining and spending on federal political campaigns.

Bag of money Clip Art (

Unions and corporations would be prohibited from making political contributions to either candidates or committees that make contributions to candidates. Proposition 32 would also create limits to contributions to elected officials by government contractors. Contractors could not contribute to any elected officials who play a role in awarding their contracts during the period that the contract is being considered until the contract's expiration date.

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Cal-Access Check out how much money is being raised and spent to pass or defeat this measure, and where the money is coming from.

Cal-Access Ballot Measure Summary Data Search Select "General 06 November 2012" and "Proposition 032" from the drop-down menus. Cal-Access provides financial information supplied by state candidates, donors, lobbyists, and others.

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California Initiative Review - Pacific McGeorge Capital Center for Public Law and Policy.

Maplight: Voter's Edge

League of Women Voters: Pros and Cons







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